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Today morepeople are turning their attention to wood as a building material. This is due to a large number of positive aspects, which is characterized by wood.

The use of laminated veneer lumber

Originally should consider in more detail, the demand for which has increased dramatically in recent years. This can besetselo explain the quality, reliability and appearance of the building material. Due to the special manufacturing procedure glulam for elasticity and strength is much greater than solid wood. You also can not ignore the extreme simplicity of erection of buildings using laminated veneer lumber. This process is similar to the constructor.During construction and after construction provides absolutely uniform shrinkage.

Material Properties

Apply glulam possible to build a variety of buildings. For example, a bath of laminated veneer lumber is much more preferable option than the construction of whole logs or bricks, blockss. After all, wood forms a special microclimate inside the building, which is characterized by an optimal level of temperature, humidity, and extremely fresh and clean air. Due to its physical and chemical properties of wood air filter, preventing the penetration of various substances. Also, it is a guarantee that the inside of theLack of organic stale air, dryness or excessive moisture.

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