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Decorative plaster — one of the most popular on the currente time of finishing materials for walls and ceilings among specialists: artists and architects. Due to the fact that it not only gives the housing office or the exceptional and unique style, but also carries an abundance of other destinations, it is so popular. This is very convenient, unusual, original and stylish way to decorate their homes, POSCOnly decorative plaster creates different effects in different colors. It can be textured and polished, glossy and dull, colorful and faded, mono- or polychrome, seamless, be washable and durable properties, and this is a great solution to replace the paint and wallpaper.

Kexample, it is possible to attach the walls of the effects of aging or generate fake crack, or, conversely — do gladenkie look. And besides, you can add volume and texture of the walls. Range of applications as a decorative cover walls and ceilings is wide: from internal to external works. For decorative plaster do not need toconstantly look after it freely can be washed, but with the help of painting return to the previous freshness. Decor — not only beauty, but also durability, practicality, as well as flawless ease of restoration. By the way, if you need her fluctuating between 100 - 250 UAH.

ornamentalvnaya plaster is not afraid of moisture, but due to its often used for decoration of bathrooms, showers, basins and toilets. It also does not absorb odors – therefore it is allowed to be used as a cover decorating the kitchen. As characterized by impeccable sound quality — it is often applied in residential, etc.omyshlennyh areas with high noise pollution. Effective as saving TEPLORESURS, and if dirty — it is enough to wipe with a wet cloth.

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