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Decorative shtukatUrca often even now remains one of the best options for themselves. Simplicity works themselves on finishing flats and an elementary dramatic results often make it an excellent choice for decorative plaster. By the way, it is not only the only good stuff, which belongs to the category of decorative coatings used for decorationapartments. These often include a beautiful stone crumb or « Venetian » plaster , with the structural plaster looks pretty good, and some others, but they are usually can not be entirely attributed to any elementary colors or to plaster m.

The advantages include ease of application and in a rather nice view, although such advantages are not the only ones. Leading and cleaning powder for these walls fit almost perfectly. Water is absolutely not spoil the wall with decorative plaster, because the elements that go into itcomposition water resistant. At the same time a big plus plaster for a long time retains its attractive appearance. Decorative plaster , which is at the market, can be confusing for many people. Technology application of the material allows to divide decortive plaster into several types, such a criterion for division into the tipi still have a type of surface, which becomes in the end.

Structural plaster is often a granular mass with some admixture of the granules. It is often cut in the mineral on the basis ofe synthetic latex silicate.

Flock – it is quite often the small colored specks that are simply applied to the regular glue.

The Venice plaster easily lets you simulate a beautiful marble. Made it out of marble flour.

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