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Any modern renovation, regardless of the size and locations of the (privateth or premises) is not complete without a process such as the alignment of walls and ceilings. This kind of trend in the construction and repair work, without which no cost, no such event. In modern conditions, when there is demand for all smooth, without different kinds of leveling compounds simply can not do. Typically,Stucco is a first layer deposited on the main surface (outer and inner surface of the walls, ceiling). The next layer is applied to a variety of decorative finishes (from fillings to wallpaper) and the quality of the base surface depends on the future form of the composition. All currently clear idea of ??how the process of applying plastererki, often in manual mode. Should be regularly kneading the mixture to a paste with a spatula to make application to the wall. This process is quite tedious and time-consuming, but he, as a modern alternative - by the way, is full of companies providing this service: "Bard-Real," "Polistes", “ San Story & ldquo ;," Plastering " and others. The application of the plaster comes with a special spray machine, the basic elements are the kneading container (which is loaded in the drywall and takes her stirring until desired consistency) and the system feeding the mixture (pulverizatornym methodohms). This method eliminates the intermediate and preparatory stages, as well as speed up the application process and improve the quality itself. Used with the gypsum-based plaster, has no tendency to shrinkage cracking, dries quickly and keeps the load well.

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