What is the construction forensics

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Today, the construction - it is one of the most dynamic districtazvivayuschihsya sectors of the economy of our state. This is supported by consumer demand, which is in any normal person - because each wants to live in their own house or apartment. And here is where the fun begins, because the property rights to housing can hold several people, such as husband and wife, parents and children, the developer(Under construction). Since the housing, as opposed to, say, the salary - it is a stable unit, it is no wonder that it becomes the cause of various disputes, including litigation. These arguments can be as household (eg, divorce, inheritance, purchase, sale, deed of gift) and manufacturing (eg, industrial injuries, obrusolution of buildings, etc.). In all these points, there are parties to the conflict who seek to prove their case in court. When it comes to real estate, the subject of the dispute before the court, it is necessary to properly assess. The wire, so-called. As a rule, the requirements of a plaintiff or defendant have some material pricesof, ie expertise, in fact, carried out to determine the actual value of the property or part thereof. Price, in turn, depends on many factors (from the choice of materials, technologies of work to registration of property). Therefore, the most frequent references concerning construction expertise are: examination of designFirst documentation of the complex construction, materials, technical condition and other.

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