Form "garden path" - a new tool in the creation of paths and grounds

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Not so long ago came to our market products to be landscapedoystva suburban areas and gardens, form “ garden path & rdquo ;. Spring to summer cottages and garden plots begins with what is provided in the order after the winter areas. Here our customers and have been applied to these forms.

At first glance, a simple form of plastic stencil, but people are starting to get up to themDesigner wonders on their “ & rdquo ;. hacienda Any owner like,   when she courtyard beauty and order. And her husband in business – joke.  

The form itself is made from high quality polypropylene and has dimensions of 600 mm x 600 mm x 60 mm. Universal in itself, since you can attach to yourhorn at any angle. With its help you get the height of the plate   2 cm and 4 cm stones themselves. In the form of all interior edges forming nine stones. Form for the track, you can make   a thousand plates. This track pad for parking cars, a barbecue or simply impose your yard beautiful tiles.

Thanks pigments for concrete paths can be in different colors. Moreover, the use of pigments is perfectly safe and easy, because you just need to add the dye in the   solution paths and tracks in your garden shine beauty . Between the joints themselves boards can be added to the soil seed lawn grass or just hasypat river sand.

For laying garden paths you only   we must determine   with the route of the track, turning or direction. Then you need to make sand and crushed stone base. Particular attention should be paid to the foundation, it must be well compacted earth. If the ground gives way then yougo plate fracture, it's better to do everything at once initially correctly. Before pouring the track must be lubricated with a thin layer form a special lubricant in order to form easily removed from the product. Greased with special grease form can be used two or three times to fill the track. &Nbsp;

When trancheHer will be done, on the basis of sand necessary to shed water it will seal the sand, and make more reliable basis. Set the form based on the   with little effort press it down at the edges. Polypropylene sufficiently durable material, namely from it made our forms garden paths. For the strength of the forms can never bespokotisya since I neitherx even machine could hit.

And now engaged in solution. For a good solution should be used cement, so that the track to serve you as long as possible. And so one part cement, three parts of river sand and three parts grand dropout. For fortress at the request of a plasticizer. It will help a solution quickly grabbed andEnlarge all characteristics of concrete   and give plasticity mortar. Pigments can be added at any stage of   the preparation of the solution.

Pour the solution must be carefully to all corners of the concrete is placed evenly. Shoot excess solution forms and waiting when he grabbed the concrete. Esland you added plasticizer it will take about thirty – forty minutes.

So create and decorate their garden plots with.

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