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In fact, any mechanism that is designed or perform intermediate tasks with the movement, be sure to have in hisDesign elements such as the rotation of the support (their role is carried out bearings). Whether it is a car or truck, bearings are everywhere where there is rotation lock parts - axles, shafts, wheels, etc. This special rotary elements consisting usually of inner and outer rings and rotating bodies - of rollers or balls. Applyspine of a particular type of bodies of rotation depends on the functions of the bearing, or rather, from the loads that it should take (radial and axial). As, in fact, a separate product, which is a complete in all the mechanisms (ie, those that end product manufacturers do not produce themselves), the bearings have exactly the same conceptiem brand, as all the other products in the world (regardless of the scope of use). Among the entire set of bearing manufacturers, the most legendary, benchmark and quality is a Swedish brand SKF. This is, in fact, iPhone, among bearings. It should be fair to say that during its more than a century, SKF has grown into a Naibolee largest manufacturer and supplier of bearings and related products in the world. By the way, you can buy SKF online store: Moreover, the immediate interests include SKF lubricants and seals (not work without this bearing any node). The list of products of SKF you seeozhet find the following types of bearings:

  • Ball Bearings . This class is the most simple in terms of the load, the bearings, which in turn divided into four groups: standard, explorer (higher quality components and load), E2 (group bearing which respondie increased demands for energy saving), Precision (bearings for high-precision equipment with high speed nodes);
  • Roller Bearings . Class of bearings that can withstand the combined radial-axial load;
  • Compensating spherical plain bearings ;
  • Bearing Units .

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