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Correct posture - this is not only a beautiful aesthetic, which pay special attention to, and andcondition of the spine and internal organs. For the prevention of diseases of the spine, scoliosis and other spinal abnormalities or even for rehabilitation after injuries, operations use posture correctors. They come in a variety of species.

Correction worn for scoliosis second and third degree or in the presence ofsigns along the axis of the spine, but the angle of scoliosis arc shall not exceed 20 & deg ;. Correctors used in pathological conditions, such as hyperlordosis, kyphosis, and so on. N. Particularly effective is the combination of wearing a corset with a complex of therapeutic exercises. By the way, can be an online store « MegaMedShop ».

There are different types of corsets for adults and children. One of the important tasks of parents - from an early age to take care of the correct formation of posture of the child when there is growth and development of the musculoskeletal system, which will allow him to be healthy the rest of his life. It is easier to prevent possible aboutproblems with the spine, than to spend a lot of effort, money and labor to restore health. A huge percentage of high school graduates have scoliosis due to prolonged hanging out sitting at the table. For children used children's posture correctors, which form a correct posture, do not give the child slouch offloads the spine and developodyat forearm, which helps the formation of the correct curvature of the spine.

More efficient use of the corset together with exercise to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Posture Corrector for children should be chosen very carefully to the instructions strictly podiatrist. The sooner the inverseattention to the problem using a booster, the simpler and easier to get rid of it. In adulthood, it is more difficult to do. Corset Adult performs the same function as the children and is used in some diseases.

Depending on the need, proofreaders are divided into two types. Corrective correctors are at ScolaOz and create constant pressure on the desired area of ??the spine correcting distortion, fixed spine offloading. These correctors are worn only for medicinal purposes. They are not intended to prevent, this prophylactically wear it is contraindicated. In turn, corrective corsets have many species. FixingCorsets are not used for deformity correction, and to support the spine and reduce the load after surgery, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis. All correctors must be chosen following the instructions podiatrist.

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