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Office Paper is classified by many criteria. Paper size. This is the size of the sheet, which izmeryaetsI'm in millimeters and, very rarely, in centimeters. Considered to be the most common format A4 office paper that size 210mm * 297mm. A3 2 times and the size of 420mm * 297mm. All other formats are used office equipment less often. This format is less than A4. The next criterion is the density of the paper. Paper weight is the weight of lCleaning the unit area in grams per 1kv.m. For example, 120g / sq.m. - Means that the sheet of paper in the area of ??1 sq weighs 120gr. Standard is the density of 80g / sq.m. With this density should work any office. With a low density paper can work matrix printers, typewriters (60-65 g / sq.). Not all laser, pagePrinters and copiers uynye may work fine paper with a low density, although they may work with paper, which has a density greater than the standard.

Before buying paper should refer to the instructions of your equipment, what maximum density, it can be used. By the way, quality and other kantselyarskie products with delivery in Minsk and regions offered by « Viale CAS & raquo ;:


Paper thickness is measured in microns and is not tied to the density. Another characteristic of office paper - it is white, that shows how close to the color of the leaf usedelomu that really affects its consumption. Usually wide demand is more than the white paper. The first system is a measurement of whiteness%, which for an ideal white is 100%, which is almost unattainable. The second measurement system is the system of CIE. Most white paper can reach 98% white.

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