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Since managers (managers) constitute a category of people exercising councilstion (management), the personal and professional qualities of these people directly determine the process of economic activity - production, marketing, and so on. d. And buying the appropriate accessories and - you make a complete style control.

So just study data acquisition and personal characteristics are useful to any manager hThe person, one way or another pretty tightly linked with the managerial activities.

But to learn to control himself more often is not the ultimate goal of any manager. The main organization is the management team to effectively perform just assigned it the tasks. In this regard, normally a special value Acquiredetaet such an organization of labor in any group in which the costs are the lowest, and the return - the greatest. Adaptive structures, which will be discussed a little lower, is just such about which speak of a progressive form of government, therefore, besides acquaintance with them, that will be done later, it is necessary to introduce them to the practice itself.

As for precisely analyzing the financial condition of the enterprise, then it is usually conducted to date quite suitable for both usually internal and external users for simple necessary economic information. According to the results often can easily judge the appropriateness of the selected organzation of the course goals, effective (or vice versa) use of available resources, to guide efforts in this right direction, where observed deviations from planned or it standard indicators.

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