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There are situations in life when one way or another dealing with foreignersand so also with a foreign language. English, German, French or any other - does not matter, what matters is that you, in most cases, will not be able to adequately and equitably with other cultures and language groups. If you have a business meeting with foreign partners, a large (or not) the transaction, the international exhibitionor tour - you simply can not do without a professional translator (of course, if you are not). Invaluable assistance in this matter you ready to Lingvotek. The scope of their activities and the range of interests is quite wide and covers the following areas of language services:

  1. Technical or gutarian translation. Includes translation services and support various technical (engineering, energy, construction) and humanities (legal, banking, literary) texts and projects.
  2. Check the correctness and accuracy of your own translation.
  3. Translation and Legal (notary) accompanying documentation supplied to the embassies of foreign countries in order to obtain a visa.
  4. Interpretation. The most demanded part of the work of our staff, which requires special training and concentration. We provide services such as serialtranslation and simultaneous.

All of these perevodnicheskih services require highly skilled professionals in the state of translators, because, sometimes, one small word correctly translated (or carrier in the end a very different meaning), may lead to a significant problem and the hingeonimaniya.
And as in Translation Lingvotek employ only professionals - you are guaranteed the best result.

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