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In recent years, not least because of the openness of society and borders, more tuitionComrade choose to undertake further education abroad. In most cases - this job seekers of higher education, or planning to work abroad, or qualify for a solid position in the country. Diploma of the European model, in this regard can be very useful, because it causes a lot more confidence among potential employersthan domestic. Of course, the best in Europe, education is provided by the British universities, but they have one major drawback - the training is quite hits the pocket. In such circumstances, the majority of job seekers with education post-Soviet countries pay attention to the education of Europeans neighbors - Poland, Czech Republic. Last popular among students,primarily developed network of colleges. This school occupies an intermediate place between secondary and higher education (sort of a European equivalent of national vocational schools), or are divisions of universities and give full higher education. From this perspective, we can immediately assess the potential audience colleges - a tuitiontomers who finished as 9 and 11 years, and of older people (depending on the accreditation institutions). makes it possible to obtain a secondary technical vocational education or higher, with the consequent possibility of increasing the scientific degree. Education in the Czech Republic has several advantages, especially for the residents of the former Soviet Union and the Slavs:

  • relationship and the relative similarity of the languages, accelerating the adaptation. In addition, it gives an opportunity (during the development of language and continuing education on it) to study free of charge;
  • similarity of education systems (in view of the general ideological ins and outs in the recent past);
  • relatively close distance learning and low price.

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