Methods of memorizing English words


Today, English is one of aazhneyshih aspects of personal and professional growth of any person. It is the language of science economics, industry and other spheres of life, which is why, for the successful realization, it is important to comprehend the basics first, and then all the secrets of this fairly easy, language. When it is important to study and master the grammar and phonetics, but the most important thingto have a base for further skillful operating rules. Such a base in any language (and also English) is vocabulary. I remember in school my English teacher always told me that you ought to, and only then all the rest: Grammar, time to write, read, talk. Of course, it is very important to correctly submit information - ZNamb grammatical rules of the language, but without knowing the words that, one way or another, are used in grammatical forms and constructions, they lose their meaning. According to statistics, a simple memorization of basic minimum of words, the average student takes more than 70% of the time learning. To facilitate and expedite the procedure theremany ways, but they all basically use the principles of association or memorization. The principle of the association is to use, as a key factor memory, associative words and expressions own language. The principle of selection of words based on the harmony or words, or on the use of borrowingtrainee in your native language. Learning method, in principle, is less efficient in comparison with the associative, but may have some efficacy in the case of a systematic approach. There are two options - either to learn words in groups with the same thematic sense, or group them into consonance.

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