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Throughout its existence, especially since the beginning of the erectionI have houses, they were trying to decorate, create a contrast to the surrounding. These actions include the use of a variety of architectural forms (eg, colonnade) and elements (carving, stained glass, decorative plaster). One of the oldest (since the times of ancient Greece) methods of decorating the facades of houses is stucco. Historically,it is one of the techniques of classic style   architectural facades. For the manufacture of such decorative elements previously used only two materials - stone and concrete. Properties and characteristics of these materials in some way limit or complicate their use in decorating:

  • matMethods and material itself is quite heavy, which requires the use of it for installation of construction machinery and other structures;
  • necessary expertise wall structures and their possible strengthening;
  • duration of the work associated with the peculiarities of materials (eg, concreteu need time to dry);
  • destruction gardening area construction equipment.

Modern entirely based on the use of other materials: plaster, polyurethane foams and different. The use of gypsum can significantly reduce the weight and price readys products, put them on a production flow (using plaster molds), as well as to create a custom design in place by the wizard. Polyurethane moldings (as with other foam) is extremely easy, mass production, reasonable price and unlimited styles and layout.Practical use of lightweight facade elements will make your home unique and save from destruction of your lawn and purse.

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