Switch ABB Basic 55


ABB is a world-renowned in the field of energy. Obeunion of, at one time, Swedish and Swiss companies, today comprises more than 150 thousand employees in a number of countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Annual turnover of more than 30 billion dollars, defines a corporation as one of the world leaders in power engineering. Her areas of interest include the production of Equiudovaniya for energy facilities (including thermal and nuclear power plants), power lines, automatic protection grid, electrical equipment for mechanical engineering and more. Despite the scale and seriousness of the products, ABB is not spared and consumers, having at its disposal unit for the production of anyzkovoltnogo household equipment - namely, circuit breakers. In view of the prevalence of various gadgets and household appliances, as well as lighting systems that unleashes an interior designer, so simple and insignificant at first glance, the element grid home, as a switch, in fact, become almost indispensable. ModernABB product range in this direction was the corporate name. In addition to switches, it includes sockets (electric, TV, FM), dimmers, switches and so on. A distinctive feature, in terms of design is the use of light beige as a basis and nine colors for individual elements. As fordsvetki uses environmentally friendly mineral filling (replacing toxic phosphorus). In addition, all conditions for the ease of installation of equipment: marking cables, circuit devices, new terminals and clamps.

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