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The notable progress in the development of high-tech, innovative equipmentthere has been of late. If even fifteen or twenty years ago is very rare to meet a man with a mobile phone (it was the exclusive prerogative of the elect - the "new Russian"), now the models are almost rarities. Today is of paramount importance versatility and sensor technology. The popularity of suchThe device provides not least popular brands, one of which (to some extent, the flagship of the industry) is Apple and its world-famous and mega popular smartphone iPhone 5. Despite all the innovations implemented in this device, he has one strong and at the same time, a weak spot - the touch screen. Is Thisboth the monitor and keyboard, and work environment, and the outdoor unit smartphone. This, again, gives rise to the fact that glass is the most exposed to physical factors - mechanical damage. Destruction (damage) the glass is fraught with violations in the smartphone, namely:

  • The absenceWie possibility of normal administration and perception of information;
  • ingress of dirt or moisture apparatus through the broken glass and therefore the possibility of failure of the electronic components inside.

The process has its own characteristics, due to the design etogon the block: in fact, the glass is glued to the touch screen, and in fact is one assembly unit. Further procedure depends on how severe the damage:

  • damaged outer glass. Produced removing splinters of old glass, glue. To do this, you must warm up toblasts the screen using a conventional dryer - glue goes into plastic form and amenable to manipulation. After that, clean the display surface, the adhesive is applied to the ball and set new glass;
  • damaged touch screen. In this case also, the glass must be removed (which may be an integer), warming itusing the same dryer.

And in the first and in the second case, you must first remove the cables from the smartphone data (temperature sensitive).

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