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Everyone in the world should work: from simple mechanisms to man, and to create them money, gladand which, in fact, carried out any work activity of homo sapiens. Any funds have their own value, backed by some real assets (eg gold reserves) and the confidence of the users, that is us. But they, like everything else in this world, eventually falling into disrepair (depreciate) for winese decline of the above factors, or the lack of real turnover, and hence the accumulation of profits. Accordingly, the storage of money "at banks or socks" (which is especially popular in the former Soviet Union, in view of the particular distrust in the banking system) does not lead to an increase in the income of the owner, but only devalues ??them. Using the money wiselyThat is, giving them the opportunity to carry out revolution ("work"), prevent them from depreciation and will provide an opportunity to gain additional passive or active income. There are many options, but the options are really beneficial and can bring real income is not so much. By way of generating income can be divided into twocategories: passive and active.

Passive Income

The first group includes investments, income from which is formed by the percent contribution to:

  • cash investments on deposit in the bank;
  • attachment dener in the property;
  • purchase of land;
  • investment in securities and precious metals, in the first place - gold.

Active income

The second group requires the investor still and action to raise revenue:

  • investment in business;
  • trading on the barge;
  • promotion of Internet sites.

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