Flag - the symbol of the state and statehood


Every person in this world is inherent in the pursuit of individualrealizations, ie the set of personal attributes and ongoing activities that focus on self-determination among their own kind. This applies not only to the person as a living organism, but also as a component unit of society. That is, we can confidently say that if a sense of identity is inherent in the individual, it is a oneoznachno is typical for a group of people united by, say, or a national basis. The state, as a form of association of various ethnic groups living compactly in a certain area, is the most advantageous in terms of the survival of society. It also has its own insignia, which are individualnymi for each country. One such insignia, symbol of the state and statehood, is widely regarded as the national flag. This panel proportional to the size, which is attached one of the parties to a pole or rope. The combination of different geometrical elements in different colors arranged such that maxca ure to reflect the historical, cultural, geographical aspects of society. This principle can be easily clarified by the example of, say, moreover, that at first glance it resembles a hodgepodge of characters:

  • Union Jack, who is also the flag of Great Britain can testify about the past of the country, as a member of BritansCoy Empire, and today - the British Commonwealth;
  • seven-pointed star or Hadar, represents the number of colonies that formed Australia, as a state;
  • Southern Cross, the constellation of the southern hemisphere.

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