What is the window frames?

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For   been known to all thatusing wait cosmetics can change the appearance beyond recognition. Likewise, the architecture – the same building can change completely, one has only to change the decor of its facade. Here, every detail is important: the choice of color, skillfully matched texture correctly decorated windows and doors. All this together creates the overall style of the house and nodcherknut its individual features. The facade of the building - the person and the owner.

Most attention is paid to the window, so it's important to choose the right frame them so they do not look boring and pathetic. Figuratively be called windows « & raquo ;, eyes and - « lashes & raquo ;. It exist for eof commodities such as   window frames. In today's market   such goods are a lot of very important to choose those that will not spoil the individuality of his house. In addition to frame a window may on its own, especially   if   all the necessary elements.

The process is framedtion has its own characteristics:

  1. Stresses relief and plastics;
  2. Allows you to create an individual character.

is of great importance and framing material – this   may be natural stone and modern material suchas polyurethane. They each have their     advantages and benefits. Natural stone - durable, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes and do not depend on the change of the weather outside. Polyurethane - allows you to create any patterns and elements, durable,   Therefore, the choice of material - it's a private matter, the main thing is not to break the stylisticKu and color of the facade of the building.

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