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Hotite live not only longer, but also more interesting and healthier, then follow the advice of the American doctors. Moreover, that observe them - very easy. There is nothing complicated in these councils.

Run, at least 5 minutes a day.

This is almost everything. As established by experiments (in aboutfollow attended by more than 50 000 people), those who allocate time each day for running, live three years longer than those who do not wish to accelerate the movement. The general condition of the body from physical activity improves, there will be more energy, the body comes to tone and tighten.

Attend public events on physicalcal culture. Anyone should not take place without your participation. Sporting event - it is not only health but also communication, a huge charge of positive emotions. It is important in drinking water for many days: not less than two liters per day. The day a person loses about 2 liters of water, and a water balance must be restored. Otherwise the body buda bad deal with the problem of splitting and removing fat. Want to quickly get rid of fat - engaged in strength training three times a week, and a couple more times cardio. Increases energy expenditure.

Drink coffee.

In April, the speciallysed British publication devoted to food, data were collected twenty studies that spanned nearly a million people. Three - two cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of death from heart disease in half. In addition, those who drink coffee, not so often a headache, they do not suffer from gastritis and have normal metabolism in the body. It is generally believed that coffee is bad, but it's not.

Take responsibility for yourself and be a volunteer

Take responsibility even for their own health. Psychologists say that responsible people live much longer than those who are nearGaeta hope others or subordinates. Be a volunteer when you do things of their own free will, you have not only improves mood, but also the body's defenses. In any case, such people rarely die because they do not suffer from depression.

Have sex

According to scientists at Duke University, twenty-five years of research found that regular sex helps to live a full life in the first place for women. Moreover, on average, women who regularly enjoy sex as much as live 23 years longer than those who consider sex as something minor.

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