Choosing an air purifier


Polluted air contains many harmful impurities, which is a serious problemsmy city dwellers. To need to think about many things. The first thing to do is determine the size of the room, as different air cleaners are designed for a different area of ??the room. Should pay particular attention to when buying this, if the purchase is carried out not portable air cleaner. If you need a portable, then qswidely regarded as one to focus on the largest area of ??the room. If you choose the parameters over a larger area, the air will be cleaned faster and better. For very small rooms suitable car air cleaner that can be used both in the room and in the car. How many different treatment technologies has air cleaner headISITO its price.

Air Cleaners are for different amounts of dust. If the saw is not a lot you can use with electrostatic cleaners   filters, which attract dust electric charge and are easy to clean. If dust much attention should be paid to more efficient air purifiers with HEPA-filters. They filter vacuum cleaner once a month, are changed once a year. This is the best choice when you need a high degree of purification. There are air purifiers - ionizers, which precipitated dust, and do not collect inside, thereby purify the air. Such filters do not need to be replaced or cleaned.

For Allergy well suitedair purifiers with HEPA-filters. These filters remove the tiniest speck of dust. High purification (to 99.9%). Air cleaning – cleanse the air through the slurry spray water. The so-called cleaners, humidifiers – make humidification with high efficiency purification of 80-90%. Ozonators used in the absence of people and killing ofkroorganizmy its strong oxidizing properties. If you want to clean the room from tobacco smoke or other, as well as any other unpleasant odors, good fit photocatalytic air purifier. A very important thing when choosing an air cleaner - air cleaner should be chosen from the possibility of replacing the filters and that was a functionionization.

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