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How long have you already nurture dreams of creating his own company? It has long been? Still looking for an idea? Let's try to answer these questions. What kind of idea can be implemented to accurately return on investments? What is now developing as much as never before? The answer is simple - all that is connected with the transport. Take a look around. Cars every year becomes more and more. Terms creedite become availablefor most people and, of course, they go (under the influence of advertising) and buy yourself more and more.
And what business is directly related with cars (not including the purchase and sale)? Of course, car repairs. But whether it is cost-effective? Cost-effective, and how. Periodically to fix my car I have to ride nof the county, to find less free car service, and the city in which I live not too small. Therefore, starting even with a simple tire shop, you can have one season to recoup all attachments. But let's try to break the creation of the auto-service stages. Will open fitting center (for a start).


It is necessary to choose a place in your studio. It is desirable that it was visible to motorists territory. If such a room found that looking for someone who will hand us this space for rent. Typically, phone numbers flaunt somewhere nearby.

Step 2

yet received oralth lease agreement, are looking for employees. Advertise in the popular bulletin boards (Avito, Superjob, job) to finding the necessary staff.

You can recruit students and to find a master who will teach for a small amount of their produce simple operations. Save on salaries in the future.

Step 3

open your SP or better for the first time there is a person with SP, and then officially renting the room.

Stage 4

You start to pick up. For tire shop for the first time need not so much: wheel balancer, tire changer, compressor, Pnevmogaykovert, weights, etc.etc. If you have the means, you can buy a vulcanizer and diskoprav in addition.
Choose suppliers worth based on its experience in the market, the system guarantees. Often there are vendors who sell very cheap, but most likely, these companies have barely breathe. So, if your equipment suddenly fails, replace partsor make warranty repairs will be very difficult. Therefore, do not chase price, chase quality. And then you will pay off many times.

Also worth noting is the better machine and stand you will get, the faster will be able to serve their customers. And it is so important in the high season.

Stage 5

KAs soon as the equipment was delivered to you, or better yet before this, start advertising. Hang the sign "Tire" or "quality tire" to be different from others. Quality service to every customer. It is well reflected in the future. When my car is bad or try to repair weld on me, I did not say lazy, etc.uzyam that stupid found a new service. And no there is no longer rides. Therefore, to "word of mouth" has worked flawlessly, respect each car and each client who comes to you.

Stage 6

Once your advertising starts to work and there are clients, do not be lazy to invite them again,tell your friends about you (if they are happy, of course). Create a stream of regular customers!

Stage 7

Once you have paid off, begin to slowly expand. Can purchase a lift to produce locksmith work. When funds become available, can be purchased stand Alignment. TThis way you slowly expand and begin to "conquer territory".

In general, do not be shy in front of his dream. Just start doing all the work. Incidentally, if there is no start-up funds, they may be obtained from the state. To help the entrepreneur today for around 60,000 rubles. Learn impliedobnosti can be in your employment center. As the saying goes, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing. Begin!

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