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your own home is the key to stability and confidencespine in the future - at least, it is more stable structure and position in comparison with the salary. The house, built with quality, reliable materials, in compliance with all prescribed rules and regulations will serve you faithfully for more than a decade, giving comfort and warmth of several generations of your family. Building a house in many ways the beginninginaetsya and is determined by selecting the main building material. Despite the regional distribution (eg in Siberia or any rural area) traditional wooden houses or contemporary designs based on different blocks, the most reliable was and remains a brick. It is these basic elements of many private and public, MALenka and huge structures determine their durability and resistance to the external environment. One of the most high-quality raw material bases in Russia is the Mikhailovsky plant silica brick (MSZK). It is located in Mikhailovka, 180 km from the regional center of Volgograd. Absolutely the entire range of brick products, which leaves the assembly line will winso has the following competitive advantages in the market:

  • ecology (brick consists of water, sand, chalk lime different without harmful additives);
  • has the original structure, which contributes to excellent sound insulation;
  • the use of high-quality coloring segment, which preserves color and properties for long 25 years;
  • brick withstand loads up to 90 tons.

Total production line MSZK out seven groups of bricks by color lines. Each group can be produced in splitwood(TU 5741-001-05261320-2013) and hollow (GOST 379-95) form factor. So, your attention is presented MSZK:

  • white brick (obtained through the use of chalk lime without additives);
  • gray bricks (used gray color pigment);
  • light yellow and yellow brick;
  • orange brick;
  • burgundy brick;
  • brown brick.

As is the case with gray bricks, all other colors are achieved putit supplements in the manufacturing process of the respective color pigment which is uniformly distributed over the entire thickness of brick and long retains its natural color. We produce brick, which is quite popular and quality.

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