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The level and scale of production in the modern worldreached such colossal proportions that most of the major manufacturers (household chemicals, food products, production) does not work on the order book, and on the basis of the warehouse. That is, for example, household chemical plant, produces a certain range of goods in an amount necessary to cover the daily requests dealers. Naturally, the eit will be sufficiently large volumes of goods that do not just put in a little room on demand. For such a large number of goods necessary to construct large storage space, which accumulates a buffer volume of the product and make shipment of small and large wholesale customers. We must currently be clear that for reasons of conveniencetransportation and reduce the cost of packaging, most goods and factory packed group method to the standard containers - for example, pallets (pallets). And at the plant, intermediate storage, final storage of these pallets are moved on demand. Naturally, one pallet loaded with the goods can not physically be transporAna manually - it is necessary to use special lifting warehouse equipment, such as electric forklifts. Their use in closed warehouses, more preferably, in contrast, for example, diesel or petrol models for several key reasons:

  • First, eco-friendlyst, ie the absence of harmful emissions products of fuel combustion, which accumulate in the room and can cause serious poisoning of the body;
  • Second, noiseless electric traction motor.

quite popular in this segment of consumers usesuyutsya electric forklifts TFN, Japanese-American production (see the website: tfn-vss.ru). They are reliable (but what else can you expect from a Japanese production), maneuverable, versatile (there is a possibility of rapid replacement of working for a more comfortable work), have long life, compact, ergonomic design andmore than a loyal price. Currently available five major modifications loaders TFN, with capacity from 1 to 3 tons. Depending on the need, each truck can be equipped with various masts and fork that allows you to vary stroke (Lift height) from 2.5 to 6 meters.

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