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Today's society has become extremely dependent on various phobias, prejudices and bad habits. One of these, which is clearly global character is smoking. Since the time of Columbus' discovery of America, and tobacco smoking has reached unprecedented proportions and materials used in the manufacture of cigarettes, cause exceptional dependence and irreparable harm. Once again, you probably should not mention what consequences it causes pernicious activity and to what extent iton effect on the gene pool of humanity. But somehow whatsoever, the dependence is not easy to overcome, and attempts abrupt failure can cause the same negative consequences. An option for those who can not resist the craving for smoking, is the use of electronic cigarettes. This is a technical electronic device that looks like a cigarette, andspolzuemy as an effective means of substitution of nicotine in the body (at least that's what the producers say about this). The nature of electronic cigarette - is none other than the inhaler in which steam is generated that contains nicotine, which according to its taste and mind is to simulate tobacco smoke. Any e-cigarthat consists of three main elements:

  • liquid - a mixture, in varying proportions, glycerol, propylene glycol, nicotine and water from which steam is generated;
  • vaporizer (atomizer) - converter liquid to vapor;
  • battery - generator of electric charge required to operate the evaporator.

As you can see, each element plays an important role, but the final effect depends on the type of liquid. In the domestic market are very popular smoking Dekang liquid (Dekang).His popularity this range of products is required, above all, high quality, which is always supported by laboratory research or development. By the way, buy please visit: egoshop.com.ua. The basis of any of the existing liquid Dekang, plant extracts are obtained by means of the moleculepolar technology. Propylene glycol, which is one of the main components of the liquid, and has the status of food purchased from the global industry leader - Dow Chemical. Nicotine, which is actually intended to carry out replacement therapy is also a deep cleansing of various impurities. Taste qualities form the elite tobacco varieties. At the present-dayYemen stage Dekang is pleased to offer you an alternative to traditional smoking in more than 50 variations of taste.

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