What is a skeleton watches


The man always had its own personality, a desire to somehow stand out from the rest of the dull gray mass. For this purpose, kato say, all good. This is certainly an exaggeration, but it is ideal for that ideal and to constantly be away, but at the same time be subject to achievement. If we are accustomed to seeing women wearing jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.), and it is definitely considered normal, just as man must have a good wristhours. This is an indication that the man feels confident in life and knows how to manage time. Both in the first and in the second case it is perceived as an inviolable rule, but it is fairly standard. But to really enjoy a unique accessory, should pay attention to the original that can be on the site: chasus.ru. What are theyhit initially, so it is their unusual dial. More precisely, we say - even the lack of it as such. Instead of this, the owner of hours, as well as any third-party eavesdropper can admire the original clockwork. The volume of openness can be different: in hours may be partially open face, and maybe all the dial and rear roofka replaced with transparent inserts. But that being said, not all: the maximum effect, some manufacturers also achieve by eliminating various metallic elements of the mechanism. A sort of a "lite" version. These watches are the same "product" as their private counterparts. Many of the leading watch manufacturers have moDelhi-skeleton (Patek Philippe, Swatch, Breguet, Orion Skeleton, Seiko and others).

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