Coloring - an excellent way to take your child

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Each family will experience the joy of parenthood, for sure, celebrationsenno promised myself that will bring up your child the most intelligent, the most obedient, the most talented. In practice, all is not so. No, it's not that there is no desire to do it, just solemnly vowing morning before work to devote the whole evening a child, you come in the evening, and often did not have the very small forces for the game. For SureMany at the time thought "let the child to play, and I'll do their own thing." Game - it is certainly good, especially developing countries but what happens in practice? TV, laptop, smart phone - all this gives the child, but there was something busy. The benefit of this is questionable, but the harm, especially sight, will bring a lot. Come to the rescue of old as govoryat, "antiquated" method - drawing. You can take a child by offering him a painting and a set of pencils. At the same time will definitely develop imagination and clarity of movement, broaden their horizons, clearly increase "perseverance" and all this without any harm to the eye. Painting are completely different, both thematically and by gender. By prImmer, if you have a daughter, little princess, then should be chosen accordingly, taking into account the preferences sure baby. As a rule, modern little ladies prefer to various fairy-tale and cartoon characters, such as cartoon characters Winx, Monster High, Bratz, Angry Birds, Barbie, variouss fairies and princesses, and more. Remember, girls, like anyone else feel this world, and thus vybudete vaccinate her a certain world.

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