Why do we need waterproofing the basement


The construction of any home, and even more so of their own - it is extremely responsible CELEBRATIONiyatie that does not tolerate mistakes. Most of these   mistakes are made at the stage of the construction of the box and fill the basement. By wrong decisions at this stage depends on the durability and stability of the building in the future. Particularly noteworthy are built with so-called basement or ground floor. Feature of it isthe position of the bottom mark, which is half or full height basement walls lowered below zero ground. Such a solution is often used for the organization of high-grade spacious basement, heating, laundry room, garage and other premises, without the need for additional footprint area. The situation in the interior of the earthprovides a more stable temperature, prevents freezing walls, but also it has one major drawback. Such is the possibility of flooding the room. Each individual site has a different distance to the aquifer, and concrete, from which the foundation is being built at the same time with cap - just thicker membranewater. Especially the case is compounded if the walls are not made of monolith and from combined concrete blocks, joints which are the most favorable place for moisture penetration. Therefore, it is important at the stage of the construction of the basement. To prevent flooding when possible groundwater rise above the level of FundamAmenta, carry out the following activities:

  • arrangement clay barrier thickness of not less than 30 centimeters;
  • laying sand, crushed stone pillow;
  • pouring reinforced concrete screed;
  • styling least 2layers of waterproofing material;
  • pouring concrete screed finish.

According to the degree of contact with the ground, waterproofing can be external (direct contact) and internal (laying in the thickness of the layers or on the inner wall of the room). By the nature of laying waterproofing capvisitor: deep (solution), screen (clay), roll (roofing material, gidrostekloizol) of coating (mastic).

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