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Water - a key ingredient of our planet, which is a part of almost all living and nonliving. Naturalbut the man in the first place can not do without it, being forced to constantly replenish the water supply of the body. For this modern hi-tech society organized a network of water supply to the water from a single source would fall to each individual to the consumer. By the end point of consumption - apartment, house, manufacturing -organized the taps, which are equipped with devices controlling the supply of water. The device is called a mixer and found in every home. If we pay attention to the design of the mixer, it is only two types (globally, according to the principle of action) - Gate and lever. Valve mixer can be called a veteran, lose its relevance. But lately become fashionable faucets newer formations - lever - and it is about them, or rather about potential problems and how to resolve them we mention below, as must be done with the mind, otherwise - will have to buy a new mixer. Just as in the embodiment of the valve, the lever mixer according toUchi, may have a characteristic failure - leaking or dripping water from the lever or tap (through the aerator). And in one, and in another case, the cause of this phenomenon is a violation of the integrity of the compound (seal) that is connected   with a structural feature of this type of mixers. In contrast to the valve version, where the supply offor mixing hot and cold water is different valves (and their key element - head parts) in the lever mixer, everything happens in a single chamber - the cartridge. It has two incoming holes through which supplied cold and hot water (not separately mixing), and the overall mixing chamber in which the working body(Disk or bowl) associated with the lever. When you rotate the lever is pressed and there is a partial (proportional to the angle of inclination and rotation) opening holes and mixing water.

The main causes of loss of containment are:

  • Wear rubber seal rings;
  • hit debris in the cavity between the working surfaces.

And in the first and in the second case, most often have to replace the cartridge with a new one. This is due to the fact that although there is a possibility of dismantling and replacement of major parts, but they are often not interchangeable and have very loously look for a suitable item. Replacement should not cause any problems, since the dismantling of the cartridge you just need to remove the lever (by unscrewing the locking screw in the front).

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