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Any process of learning, knowledge envisaging, is its periodic inspection for quality mastering. This "problem" does not avoid the edge of any student, whether the student or the student. If the school a little easier and is limited to the exams at the end of the school year, here is a student in this regard is not to be envied: periodic monitoring during the semester, at the end of it - course, zacheyou and exams, and at the end also a thesis project. From one year to change jobs, but students seem smarter not melts. Most do not even smarter - mind if it is, it will not take away, but the modern realities leave their mark on the attitude and approach to work, developing a feeling as laziness. Whereas before, in order to write a diploma, notwas necessary to work thoroughly in the library, to travel on the city, and even the country, in search of the necessary information, but now everything is much simpler. Development of information technology so stepped forward, that sometimes all the necessary information can be obtained from the internet on the screen of your gadget in a matter of seconds. In addition to everything and Disastercal lack of time, especially regarding time students and students who have some part time. It just pushes a casual attitude to work, ends up at the time of delivery of the work, you might not be what the finished project, and in general, to say nothing. In such circumstances, a fairly common way to solvetask - an appeal to the specialized organization for writing term papers and dissertations, for example, in a company where you can get everything from the abstract, finishing with a thesis. Dannіy companies tend to have a huge staff (including freelance), among which may be the same students, teachersand professional experts in the various fields. For good co-operation, each such company must have some qualities:

  • professionalism (the person who wrote the work, should be guided very well in this area);
  • originality (each worksand must be unique and be able to be tested for plagiarism);
  • efficiency (work should be done as soon as possible);
  • privacy (the teacher does not necessarily know how you completed the task).

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