Present Simple in English


The English language in today's society is one of thethe most popular in the process of learning and use of foreign languages. This has historical scope of its use, which affects the scientific, technical financial, business legal sphere. The obvious benefits of proficiency in the English language will not focus because, in today's marketThis is so obvious. Focus on the process of learning the language, or rather, one of its components - grammar. Of course, a powerful vocabulary is necessary, but the stern of this, it is also necessary to correctly apply and, in accordance with the provisional rules. Any student who is faced with the English, remember how long constructionstions (time) there. In this article, try to consider one of the more real (real) times -. The use of linguistic structure this time due to the designation of the action taking place in the present and is characterized by a kind of commonplace, uniformity or regularity in everyday life. For example, if you mentionthat every morning, brush your teeth or exercise regularly, and the like, you are guaranteed to be using Present Simple. In other words, you can mention a certain action, which undoubtedly is in the present tense (moment of speech), but at the same time, it is absolutely not to be associated with this particular aspect of the question. Thicketse just a sentence, where used Present Simple, also used the word markers that time: always, usually, often, every day, and so on.

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