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The development of modern digital technologies so stepped forward, televizionnye technology and video image of a decade ago now look simply artifacts. Opportunities that presented the achievements of science promote the rapid development of the film industry, the possibility of using cutting-edge special effects, shot and edited without the direct involvement of actors. In addition, one of the problems of modernoh film and television industry is the creation and broadcast of pictures of very high quality and resolution - the so-called format HD. More specifically, the aggregate sizes because today are widely used formats 720p and 1080і and progressive - 1080. The most common format, and winning is definitely oddsmat 720p. By the way you can watch free online movie theater MEGOGO. What is the feature of this format makes it so popular, as consumers of film product and its manufacturer? The main reason lies in the title format, more precisely in the letter "p". It refers to the use in the transmission of video prothe Progressive scanning, significantly reducing the list of filters needed to manage side effects filming and broadcasting (eg compensation "Blink"). Using this format kinofotosemke, you can create a picture with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 (the most comfortable to the human perception of manhole) exceptional clarity Imagesexpression. In fact, any movie is shot in such a format, but the most spectacular picture in this format, can boast of documentary films or sci-fi thriller, replete with many special effects.

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