The problem of pension insurance in Ukraine

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The difference of any developed society from razvivayuschegOsya, is the large number of compensatory mechanisms that contribute to the harmonization and stability of the economy. This is very clearly seen in the example of the pension accrual and security of the population. The problem, which in Ukraine enough with what is comparable in complexity and relevance. Most of today's retirees are an "inospitannikov "of the Soviet system, which is replete with their prejudices, imperfect and inability to respond to changing conditions of life. Only according to the latest statistics, pensioners in Ukraine there are about 14 million people, as much as the able-bodied and employed population. In such circumstances, and an inveterateand economic principles, the reform of the pension system is a must, at least in terms of the survival of the country's economy and the solvency of the retirement of its chief operator. In this regard, the development of the principles of the new pension policy should still benefit from the rich experience of developed countries where the system of support for pensioners Nahoditsya far more advanced and stable. We are talking about such a sensational recent concept of "pension insurance". Basically, consists of a set of measures to expand the sources of financing of the pension system, independent of the pension fund (diversification of funds). According to the principle of organization are two types of pensionsnnogo insurance - required (when the state law requires that all categories of the population carry a monthly premium to the personal account in a public institution) and voluntary (non-fixed premium, which, in fact, is in addition to mandatory and optional human).

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