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Progress, as everyone says, it is not necessary to location. What can be said about intercoms, veqb now almost in every section there is such a wonderful guard doors as intercom. Even though the appearance of the village, whether it is a city or town, a security guard will be needed in order to avoid vandalism or penetration into the entrance of strangers who are not welcome. By the way you can buy online you can irkeydomofon.ru.

Usually intercoms divided into only 2 types:

  • Devices individual use (homes, offices);
  • Devices usual sharing (apartment buildings).

In other words, such intercoms can be called even for a single user and also for use by many people. Intercoms are also video and audio. The display they also may be in color or black and white. This option allow us to determine that for a person eats penetrate, after such a determination can let the visitor,if such is welcome, but if you do not want to see it, it will just outside the door.

Accordingly intercoms vary in price, because if he has his own monitor, and the value itself will be much higher, but if a small black-and-white display, then the price will be much lower, because the functions less. Selecting a pretty bOlsha, so everyone can choose individual intercom to your taste. Can also be said about the public intercom. Residents will be able to choose the most appropriate name for the house intercom. Establishment intercoms now engaged in special company towns, and they are serviced by the same companies.

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