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Wowza Media Server is a popular media server through whichThe organization of the broadcast streaming live video or vod content. Supported by a fairly large number of media formats (which is one of its main advantages over competing software).

How did organize a live broadcast using Wowza?

Unlike many others, Wowza servEP uses the widely spoken language Java and was written on it.

In comparison with the main competitors, provides additional features:

  • update - in some cases it is enough to simply replacing the .jar files to newer;
  • upgrading using the development environment Wowza IDE. The user is given the opportunity to create and test modules being extends the functionality of the media server - a kind of tuning the server;
  • monitoring - thanks to an opportunity to use technology managementand monitoring JMX, it is possible to monitor and manage your server and virtual machine java (JVM) in real time.

Of course, there are also disadvantages - have some questions for stability and performance.

It also has a rather interesting inPossible and the ability to expand the basic functionality by using plug-ins: transcoder, balancer, DRM, etc. In a situation with competitors like the superstructure do not fit into the media server as a product. For small projects and maximum ease of video platform is very appropriate to focus the entire logic of the video in the odesMr. module.

Wowza has a cross-platform development and there are build for different platforms (as a result of the popularity and availability of Java on all platforms): Windows, Mac, Linux.

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