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In our time, such effective methods of promoting your business as advertising and public relations are increasingly leaving the printed StraSIC network. The invention of the Internet has opened up previously unknown possibilities and limits, has radically changed the communication between people. There is an opinion that people now spend more time online than in the real world. That is why now more emphasis on this area.

For rapid progress in the network, andmeans in real activity, it is vital to get your own website. No matter who advocates the idea generator - a big businessman, the shopkeeper, musician, athlete or an ordinary person who wants to put his life on display - each of them has the ability to express it in the form in which it considers proper. It is with your ownAit is advertising and information platform and source of income (if done right). In this case, the customer often quite indifferent to what is generally a network and website as its individual units, how and where to place the necessary information on how to find customers. And it is worth, because of the competent host the site andRGANIZATION his work directly affects your reputation.

So, consider how you can place a ready site in the network and that the first thing to pay attention. Probably many heard words such as domain, server and hosting, but few of us know what it is. Any object (site) in the world Pautovnot, as well as any house in any city or country has its own address. If in the real world - a postal address in this role the virtual domain name. It is a set of characters necessary for identification of a specific object in a separate area on the network. This region is called a domain. Set of similar domenoat one level (such as, for example, the collection of cities in an area or areas of the country) to form a blast zone.

Class A domains by levels: international (com, gov, net, etc.), national (ua, us, uk, etc.), internationalized. Have a name is not enough for the existence of the network - not to updatenecessary to place information (website) on a realistic platform, which acts as a server - a dedicated PC or group that exists to perform tasks without direct human intervention (placement and processing of information).

The process of posting information (allocation on a server space for it) Is hosting. To accommodate and support the growing volume of information on the Internet, you must have a fairly voluminous server that pulls a huge financial and technical costs. To cover them, the owners of the servers offer paid hosting services. So for example, you can order a reliable extra charge xOosting, register doomenno name and arendirovat server. Paid service can significantly enhance the ability to post content (greater volume of occupied space, there are no restrictions on the file names and contents of the site, enhanced by the use of scripts and databases).

Remember:miser pays twice. Regretting money for reliable web hosting in the future, you can poteryaet customers, and as a consequence the money!

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