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Kefir diet for weight loss

Igor Igor
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The choice of method for the reduction inENA is a pretty daunting task. After all, invented and used by many different methods. Some choose vigorous physical exercise, others turn to help plastic surgeons, and others use a diet.

The last named also as a means of weight loss for the lazy. After all, most of thatFIR diets do not need to perform any exercise. The whole essence of the diet is reduced only to restrict food eaten per day, which for many is more realistic and achievable.

However, despite this, almost all diets have several drawbacks. Although they allow you to quickly lose weightAll the lost weight may return later with the same speed as the left. In addition, improper use, without consulting a doctor is fraught with serious consequences.

Kefir diet for weight loss

As you can guess from the name, the menu kefir dietis essentially comprised of kefir. Kefir – useful fermented milk product that contains a decent amount of natural protein. Protein, in turn, is a building block of cells, bone, hair, nails, joints, etc.

Kefir has a mild laxative effect. Furthermore, drinkthis fermented milk product will help in cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and poisons. Also a great influence it has on the digestive system, intestine, metabolism.

However, kefir diet may be contraindicated in acidity of the stomach, heartburn, kidney disease. MoreoverNot recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, and children up to 2 years.

Kefir diet has a huge number of variations. The most popular among them – Fast diet kefir, cottage cheese, buckwheat – kefir,   striped.

FastSingle kefir diet

- a variant of kefir diet is also called mono-diet, as its menu consists entirely of one of yogurt and water. This method   is considered the toughest, as it excludes the use of any other product, because it is difficult to sustain.

The diet should be carried out for 3 – days, during which permitted only drink kefir. Select only need low-fat products and desirable as fresh as possible. The reason is that it is a fermented milk product retains the beneficial properties only for a few days.

In order tothe pressure of hunger should be divided reception yogurt 5 – 6 portions and eat for a whole day at regular intervals. The latter method should be carried out no later than 19 pm.

The result of this weight loss can reach up to 5 kg, that looks pretty good.

Buckwheat – kefir diet

This option carries a lot easier than the previous one. Compliance is calculated for a period of 7 days, after which you can actually lose up to 10 pounds of weight.

Full menu consists of buckwheat and obezzhirennogof yogurt. Buckwheat contains an incredible amount of natural fiber, and when combined with milk drinks provides a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and protein.

buckwheat porridge should be boiled for a certain simple technology. To start the rump should be washed with warm and cover with cold water for 10 minutes. Afterthen drained, pour again and leave to infuse at night.

As in the case of fast mono-diet, food intake should be divided into 5 – 6 servings with a difference of 2 - 3 hours.

Striped diet

This technique has quite a strange namee, but it is fully consistent with its menu. The principle of such a diet is fairly simple and straightforward. For the whole period of compliance alternate kefir and ordinary days.

This implies that in kefir days allowed to drink only low fat drink (1.5 l.) And on ordinary days any other products (within razumnoga). Term compliance can be installed without any restrictions. As a result, you can see quite an impressive figure minus on the scales.

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