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- is the transfer of meaning heard statements from one language to another, taking into account all eof lexical, grammatical and stylistic features.
You planned business meeting, briefing, talks, seminars, conferences, ceremonial event with the participation of foreign partners? In this case to find a common language, understand the talk of your partner and companion, and create maximum comfort, convenience, efficiency? Bureau pensDov « TransLink » happy you stretch this out to say so "understanding".

The vast experience in the industry interpretation that "gets" not for one year, and therefore the understanding of the importance of our cooperation, we understand perfectly. Bureau pensDov « TransLink » will undertake interpretations at the highest professional level. Their experts are translators with a capital letter - higher education, repeated training in different countries, "real language environment." Confidentiality of the meeting, business ethics guaranteesuetsya.

« TransLink » provides interpreting services and language support:

- formal business meetings, negotiations;
- conferences, seminars, exhibitions, presentations;
- tracking of individual foreign nationals and organized excursiongroups, etc.

The cost of translation varies according to:

- the target language;
- subjects (law, medicine economics, engineering and construction, etc.);
- specialized translation;
- the duration of the event;
- the number of required interpreters;
- the time of day when the neois evenly translate.

, please contact « TransLink » , and you can easily get a customized proposal, taking into account all your requirements .

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