Reshebnik tasks


The book, which teaches the typical problems called reshebnik. Singlesection specifically allotted to each task is, with such a partition is often already contains a statement of the problem, after setting tells plan to solve this problem with all the necessary theoretical explanations and certainly with a specific example and its solution. In addition, these reshebnik still have 10 such tasks to Solvebe their own, which makes it possible to independently solve tasks in the future.

The key to the problem books can be called in other words, because it has the answers to the problems that directly accommodation in the book of problems. Typical tasks are the keys in this reshebnik, but only on a certain discipline. In each section, there is one problem, Which set aside the entire department. After the formulation of the problem solving plan (detailed), it directly contains all the necessary theoretical knowledge to solve the problem.

To learn elementary simply to solve common tasks in order, or other type, it is recommended initially explore the whole plan to solve it   in general terms,then consider a simple example of such a plan is in a particular case, and the usual analogies with him, it is necessary to solve at least three – five of these same tasks from a small number of already proposed for self-determination. This reshebnik become an accomplice in any desired lesson a certain discipline, because it helps to learn the theoreticheskuyu part of the decision task and also allows them to solve the example, which is important.

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