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Orthopantomogram - a dental X-ray method for studying the bandsti, as a result of which it is possible to get the full panoramic picture of the jaws (upper and lower) patient fomata 2D. Carrying out this diagnostic procedure to assess the condition of the teeth and their germs, periodontal tissues and bone. Detailed information about ortopantomogrammu read here:

The research is conducted on a special x-raysengraficheskom equipment - orthopantomography. Devices are either film or digital. The latter have the opportunity to significantly reduce the dose required for the procedure of radiation, as well as considerably more informative and efficiency - the study results are immediately visible on the screen, which allows the dentist instantaneousbut to see them and to put an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible.

The advantages orthopantomograph have:

- accurate diagnosis of changes in tissues and bones;
- identify at an early stage of inflammation, tooth decay;
- ready informative image quality is possible to improve;
- The ability to store and transfer of research results in any digital medium.

Diagnostics orthopantomography actually necessary and required in the following cases:

- when the implantation;
- orthopedic treatment;
- filling root canals;
- treatment Radikulyarnyh cysts;
- the evaluation and treatment of dentofacial anomalies;
- the spread of infection of the mouth.

Orthopantomography helps to accurately estimate the location of the wisdom tooth and that is why before their removal or treatment recommended to hold the Trials, at least for the purpose of self-insurance. In addition to the teeth in a picturee can be seen, for example, the mandibular canal containing the neurovascular bundle, the boundaries of the maxillary sinuses, nasal passages.

All of the above suggests that this method of research, looking at his unrikalnost and very informative, can be successfully used with any method of dental treatment (therapeutic, surgical, orthopedicmatic).

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