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Everyone receives an average imagesc, and always be sure to learn a foreign language. For the most part - it is of course, English. People are different, someone languages ??are easily someone can not stand them, but the real significance of the knowledge of the language and they both realize much later high school: the university and practical work. First of all, eit applies to those who of their own volition, coercion or necessity, required to raise their level, as a specialist. With regard to this practice of all professions and health care and even more so. It would seem that what the doctor a foreign language, such as English, because it is already studying Latin? The thing is that Latin is not a hot tongue, she Execuzuetsya in the formulation and terminology, but also to communicate and literature are not suitable. Any doctor, if he does not want to stay in their professional development somewhere at the level of provincial FAP, must know at least English. By the way you can download free online MedUniver.com.

The needEnglish language skills due to the following aspects:

  • the ability to read foreign medical periodicals and scientific journals. The thing is that the English - is the international language of science, and foreign editions have much more new information also because most modern scientific researcherSkye database, constantly updated, it is in foreign countries;
  • knowledge of the language gives the opportunity to continue their studies abroad, in the most advanced institutions. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to train in leading clinics around the world;
  • the opportunity along with other physiciansChami participate in international congresses, conferences, business trips. This is an invaluable experience that can be learned from each other, improving their skills;
  • knowledge of the language opens the door to cooperation on the basis of ethnic, teamwork, research work. In addition, it ReAOrdering the opportunity to work (treated) with foreign patients;
  • and, in the end, knowledge of foreign languages, especially English - it's just a prestigious and further evidence of your educational and intellectual level.

Fortunately, the profile of literature thatnd can be easily found on the internet is quite varied and available for download. Flipping it would have inevitably - different knowledge to accumulate in large amounts. In addition, it should be understood all the specificity of the English language, namely, the presence of thematic words, concepts, phrases (in English the same word can have differentnye concepts, including, in the medical field.

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