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or buy? - This is the main question TelegramOn an avid gamer. As we know the level of computerization of modern society has reached such an extent that today it is difficult to imagine the average house in which there would be at least some PCs, laptops, tablets and other devices. The computer has simplified human life, both in terms of performance of work tasks, and in povsedto-day worries and leisure. Of course, that can not be operated continuously, because of exhaustion, which requires recovery of resources. In the case of the computer there is a similar trend, but in terms of mental and psychological exhaustion, the body needs time to switch their attention to other interesting activities. What moJette be more interesting for leisure, rather than the game, especially since computer. Such a pastime many fans around the world, in all age groups (from children to older generation). For some, particularly dependent and gamers, computer games have become a part of life, and even immediate work. Naturally, the creation of games - atof too much labor, requiring financial compensation and considerable. And the more natural that any average person would just download the game from any website, without paying the price of the game. With the proliferation of the internet opportunities to share experiences and games have increased, as well as the number of pirate (free of cost andrestrictions) games, but the load on the information resources containing these games are so great that it would have had to wait a long time downloading (and not the fact that correctly). Excellent alternative file-sharing resources are trackers that use BitTorrent technology. The technology is unique in that the files are not completely transmitted, and portions RAznyh available resources (mainly - resource users have already downloaded the file). This reduces the load on the particular resource, the bandwidth increases and accordingly, the speed of download. Naturally, the use of torrent enables faster, better and at a higher level to appreciate the beauty of a computer game on Propertynnom PC.

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