Bag chair (pear)


Any furniture provided in the respective stores, conditionallyis divided into two main groups, given constructive scheme and defined its basic set of elements. Despite the widest variety of furniture products, all of it can be implemented in two basic design patterns:

  • furniture, all elements of which are held on a common frame - so-calledMay carcass furniture (most);
  • furniture that has no hard skeleton shaping - frameless furniture.

The latter, because of its scarcity, perhaps, or a small fraction of the total number of the furniture is quite interesting and one which deserves Bolee detailed lighting. The most common options frameless furniture is a chair-pear (or bag). Just by way of example and try to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of such a scheme. Firstly, frameless scheme assumes a variety of forms that can take a "pear". Everything here depends on two factors: the shape of the cover andfiller. This, in fact, the two main structural element. From the first depends on how long "survive" your pear. Second - gives comfort and moving inside cover, covers any spatial position. The filler material is used very different, but most of styrofoam. Covers sew from different tissues, as well asleather and leatherette. He usually fastened to one of the places that allows to remove the filler and from there to clean, wash the cover itself. This fact makes it possible to replace the cover of another, more interesting, both in color and form. Secondly, frameless furniture - this wealth of design decisions and, as already mentioned above- Form that allows you to create a piece of furniture that will always unique. Third, frameless furniture is very easy to use and hugely practical in an environment of professional interior designers. This chair can serve as an excellent element of the concept of the company or organization. The lack of framework significantly reduces the cost The production ofw, making it more compact, simplicity delivery and installation significantly reduces its weight as compared with the framework analogues. Such furniture fits virtually any room and design ideas and is able to dilute the paint and monotonous routine.

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