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On the background of the approaching winter and the disastrous state of relations between the two participantsin the production of electricity - Ukraine (as a producer) and Russia (as a supplier of raw material - natural gas), the energy sector and the population emerges quite "funny" perspective. So what are waiting for the Ukrainians in the near future? Lack of natural gas is no longer supplied for the needs of the Ukrainian market of Russia, leadsfor a savings of energy, which in turn leads to a forced reduction of heat and electricity. At this stage, this leads to the fact that the apartments bask in the winter will have not only on batteries, and power outages, already forgotten, will be back. The negotiation process between the two countries is, and we betweenhave to wait for the daily news from the energy market, hoping for the best.

So, at the end of August - beginning of September, we have the following:

  • reduced the export of electricity generated by Ukrainian stations. The decline was approximately 3.3% (about 197 million. Kilowatt / hours);
  • Cabinet introduced a plan of action and measures to prevent failures and prolonged dysfunction of the energy of the country. To those include: state regulation of prices, changing market conditions, limiting production, supply and consumption of electricity;
  • Energoatom and Westinghouse ProveWhether round of talks, which ended an agreement to expand cooperation. Was the subject of negotiations, in particular, diversification of supply of nuclear fuel, as well as improving safety standards in nuclear power;
  • NERC and GCC combined into a single National Commission, which will implement regulatory functionstion in the energy and utilities sector.

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