Registering a company in Hong Kong

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Any economic, including entrepreneurial, activities are carried out in accordance with economic lawsand restrictions (as a purely theoretical and practical reality - the legal framework). Any activity is to receive a benefit in the form of profit from the sale of their products. Of course, the laws of any state, which in itself is not a manufacturer, but is obliged to somehow earn to implement monetary support socialialnoy, cultural and all other spheres of social life, provide a profit to the residents (individuals and entities), which give immediate profit. State income taxes are referred to, and through them fill the coffers. Dimensions taxes or, in the language of business investment attractiveness, in each country is different,therefore, it is natural that every entrepreneur tries to formalize their businesses where the level of taxation will be more loyal. Such countries (zones) in the world economy called offshore. They are in almost every region of the world and are, as a rule, small states or autonomous city (regions) of the individualcountries. For example, in Asia, one of the largest such centers is Hong Kong, which is part-time, also the largest financial and commercial center of the world. The main advantages are:

  • the confidence of the international financial institutions;
  • lack of co-operation with international fiscal inspections for seeking and granting evaders;
  • fast registration without unnecessary bureaucracy;
  • full confidentiality of data;
  • wide tax preferences, especially in the field of navigation.
Company Registration takes less time and results in the assignment of a special tax-exempt status (for which, however, it is necessary to confirm the absence of business interests, activities and partners in Hong Kong).

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