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Join the SAP is much more simple and straightforward process than, for exampleImer, registration jur. person, and as a result - has a much lower cost of registration. Now for the SAP business - is one of the best options, especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting their activities and who do not have sufficient initial capital. And Safonov AV - employee "TOV Kiev", a company that occupyingaetsya, tell us what the FLP and its advantages.


The advantage of FOP is the fact that self-employed - a form of property, which is more advantageous from a tax point of view, the registration of a legal entity. And what does this benefit? It lies in the fact that the self-employednot have to pay income tax of 19%, and in addition FLP also should not pay more and a number of other fees and taxes paid by legal entities. As individual entrepreneurs be much easier reporting than legal entities. Most private employers submit reports to the tax 1 time per year,which saves money and allows you to use the services of accounting firms and accountants deleted.

Who can become FLP?

Officially an individual becomes an entrepreneur after registration in the administration. There is no state of emergency law right to register in another area other thanhis place of residence. As a Ukrainian citizen and a foreign citizen can become an entrepreneur if he has a residence permit in Ukraine and the identification code of Ukraine. Regardless of gender, physical status, occupation, etc.. Factors - everyone from birth is a natural person. This status is assigned a person with pozhdenii against his will. Depending on the laws of the State of which he is also the state, during the life of the person uses a variety of duties, rights or social benefits. Citizen voluntarily acquires the status of FLP since registration SPD.

Register as FLP is entitled toa natural person who has reached the age of 16 (although the applicant - a person between 16 and 18 years, then it must submit a notarized written consent of the parents (or adoptive parents also), trusteeship and guardianship authority or guardian).

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