What to give to different events


Gifts presented to the birthday, wedding anniversary, on March 8,February 14 (Valentine's Day), New Year's, after returning from a trip abroad, travel when you go to visit the place where there are children. Always appropriate elementarno bouquet of flowers for your lady of the house.

The gift is valuable not just cost, but as a token of friendship, passion, love. As such, it is an element of politeivosti. But it is necessary to remember one rule: the desire to make a pleasant always more valuable than the usual desire to hit the man for his generosity. There is another rule: do not give what you do not like in the hope that it will enjoy the one to whom you are giving it.

The ancient handbooks, manuals, books of etiquette especially a carefultional developed a section dedicated to the wedding.  

What to give in different cases?

Etiquette provides several mandatory rules:

  • it is not necessary to give a fairly expensive things. Gifts, which is clearly not in your pocket, put in a ratheruncomfortable position is the one to whom you give to them - it is not necessary to give and some little thing: you can get the nickname miser;
  • unethical to give just money, it looks like an ordinary handout and you can pretty seriously hurt;
  • well, when an unexpected gift;
  • it is necessary that the gift was timely - if you expect an urgent departure, you can give a gift on the eve of the anniversary (if your gift was late, be sure it is in writing and explain the reason apologize).

Choose a gift depending on exactly who it is presented - friend, Rodstvenniku or another. You can choose a gift to his wife with her, with her mother and her daughter. The farther krovnosti - the more difficult to choose a gift. If the wife can give the husband a sweater, shirt, tie, gloves, scarf, or some distant relatives can not give toilet.

How to give and how to accept gifts?

The question is very important. It seems strange, but many do not know how to give and, especially, to accept gifts, thereby offending donors. So, give a gift to be without unnecessary affectation, moodiness, modest, simple and with dignity, because often it is not a gift, but your attention with respect to the one you Greetinguete.

What you should not do:

  • is not customary to leave your gift in a cashier's check;
  • is not necessary to specify the host or hostess, where to put the gift, they will understand what's what, and even more so should not say, "You know, this book is so valuable and rare - I swept the entire city. With some difficulty got";
  • pending handing flowers in the paper - they are being held in the left hand, right - free;
  • Any gift presented by the person to be deployed, and not defer carelessly aside;
  • should not be artificially rejoice and loudly to comment on just one gift, "Oh, how lovely! Great! Magically! How do you thankful! et al. ";
  • is not recommended to start immediately presents a case (we are talking about things like electric mixers - they can not work, and this may disappoint and make donor target for jokes). The next day the defective device can be exchanged in store, the address of which can be found in a diplomatic way, for example: "My neighbor wants to get takuyu same thing where you bought it? ";
  • donated flowers is sure to put in a vase, debug them somewhere you can not;
  • if the guest is especially nice hostess and often she wants to express its gratitude to the elementary, it can be removed with its bouquet of one flower and attach it to the board. But with her husband or fiance is usually not to do so -we can neglect their feelings;
  • if someone came without a gift, it should be congratulated as well as those who came with gifts. Get the beat to guest did not felt its drawbacks;
  • If you can not accept a gift brought (there are many reasons), you can not do a single statement: "No, I can not take this!" sludgeand "No, God forbid, leave yourself better!". Such statements - the path to the scandal. Be sure to thank you for your attention and refuse to argue with the smallest prime moral losses, explaining the reason for the refusal.

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