Connector for headphones in minutes!


I want to tell you today about how I did connector (plug)headphone jack, use only your skill, two small pieces of heat shrink tubing and a soldering iron. And if you have no desire to do something you can just buy everything you need.
I'm sorry, but that is not present in the normal selling plug with conventional wires that can easily replace the old one, but it is from this situations there is a fairly simple way. Plug can often be used from the usual cheap headphones, and the cost is not often exceed $ 3.

I'll tell you all (such complex) phase:

  1. Cut the wire a little above the attachment plug;
  2. Carefully nippers(and possibly other tool) releases mask connector;
  3. Then remove the insulation from the conductor and composing it;
  4. pripaevaem conductors to guises, so that srucheni conductor (this case for two headphones) have been soldered to the terminal, and the other two conductors according to two othersugih contacts (especially do not forget to cut the necessary pieces of Heat-and to put one of them on the wire, I took 6 mm in diameter);
  5. Solder, confides connection quality and dress shrink tube in place of the plug and the conductor and warm that it took its place;
  6. Then, worn over another shrink tubing (I took 10 mm) so that it looked a bit at one end from the plug to pull the shrink when the urge to pull the plug out of the nest she got off.

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