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China is home to many varieties of tea. Tea tree is cultivated inlarge quantities and for a long time. In addition, tea - it is also an important part of the culture, the main attribute of certain ceremonial actions. Teas, there are quite a lot, they are classified according to the degree of fermentation (from black to white). A special place in this list are luxury teas, cultivated only in certain regions. ThesePu-erh teas and include ("earthy tea"). This kind of tea is produced in the southern province of Yunnan, as well as in adjacent territories of neighboring countries - Thailand, Vietnam, Burma. In Russia, it is possible as in specialized stores and on the Internet. Particularly noteworthy production process of the finished product: the leaves are harvested from tea treesTreated (withered, deep fried, twisted) bringing the intermediate characteristics and properties of the finished product to the properties of green tea. Then the tea leaves are subjected to a fermentation naturally or artificially. In the first case, the tea is kept for seven or eight years (and sometimes as many as ten), and the tea is slowly changing compAB incoming substances. In the second case, the active fermentation occurs within one - three months, after which the tea was dried and stored year. Unlike other teas, this is not terribly long-term storage, moreover, the properties improve with age, like good wine). Pu-erh tea is of two types: raw (characterized by green leaves andtaste of prunes) and forced (leaves black with chocolate flavor). In addition, tea has a fairly broad therapeutic properties: lowering cholesterol, stimulates the digestive tract, digestive system.

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