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It's probably no secret that the process of building a house of forbiddenyvno linked to such restrictions as financial costs and long time before the final result. All this time from the start of construction and to the end, you need to live somewhere staff busy at work. Or, for example, you have a suburban area with a garden, where you relax in the summer on the weekends. Building in such circumstances the villa fullOn the house will take time, create difficulties with the delivery of materials and simply do not justify invested in him money and effort. Output, both in the first and in the second situation would be the use of mobile huts (huts or cabins). or you can buy ready-made. It is small in terms of architectural structure (usually within 3 to 9 methmoat), performing a variety of functions:

  • First - a temporary residence. This applies both to the building "Gypsy Caravan", which house personnel involved in the work, and to the "makeshift" - structures that are meant for temporary residence in the construction of genderfledged home on the site, or relaxing on their summer cottage from time to time;
  • - secondly - use as business premises to accommodate the necessary equipment and tools.

The design of such mobile structures on the set date, there-operation, both in form and in content and production of advanced features. Although a set of concepts associated with metal cabins cabins, although it may be made of wooden beams as well as from the profile metal. They can be both teams and modular, organized on the car platform. Furthermore mOguchi equipped with bathrooms, toilets, TV, telephone - it all depends on the customer's requirements.

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